Best Used Minivan Guide

Here at the Best Used Minivan Guide we want to help guide you through the wide array of choices available for your next vehicle.

We are currently working on guides that will help you decide between the vast array of available used minivans based on all sorts of variables, including price, economy, safety and features.

There are some minivans that score well based on many of those variables, and across a wide range of model years.  This results in our list of quick recommendations .

Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey has been around since 1994, and its combination of high build quality and bullet proof reliability make it top of the the list for anyone looking for a used minivan.

The higher purchase price sometimes mean you are not able to find a model as new, or with as low miles, as you would like in your price range but the higher residual value will pay you back in reduced running costs due to depreciation when you come to upgrade.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna appeared on the market three years after the Odyssey, and has been chasing it ever since.

Toyota’s build quality and reliability are on par with that of Honda, and it is only the cult following of the Odyssey keeping the resale prices a little higher that stops this from being a tie between these two for best used minivan.

The slightly lower resale value could work to your advantage though if you are looking to hold onto the vehicle for a longer time, as it may allow you to get a van one year newer, or with considerably lower milage.

Dodge Caravan

The Caravan just manages to take the last spot in our top three, due to the great value it offers when purchasing one.

To be clear, the build quality and reliability are not even close to the top two places, but its much lower purchase price means you can get a van that is much newer, with all of the added safety and comfort items that brings, for the same price as one of the other recommendations.

But What about…

We understand there are many more choices here, and as we grow this site we will be filling in some of the blanks, trying to judge the trade off between older higher quality vehicles and their newer cheaper competition.

We also have a couple of cost based comparisons coming up, including ‘The Best Used Minivan for Less Than $5000‘ and ‘The Minivan with the Lowest Running Costs for the Next 5 Years’, as well as some helpful buying information like ‘The Best Place to buy a Used Minivan‘ and if extended warranties are worth buying.

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